This is the Mudcloth Spiral . After lampworking the ivory glass and fuming it with silver, it is electroformed in copper and painted with ceramic overglazes. The overglazes are heated on in the kiln.

Photo by Jerry Anthony

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This is a Silver Mudcloth Pendant and the surface decoration includes silver foil and ivory stringers. It measures 3 1/2" long and is available in various mudcloth-inspired geometric patterns.

Photo by Jerry Anthony


My seashell series is made with Italian glass that is blended in some cases to produce new colors. On other shells, I have used twisted canes to produce patterns similar to the real thing. All of the shells have been given a matte surface, with the interior of the shell left shiny with a blush of pink. Most shells have one or more barnacles going along for the ride!

Photo by Bronwen Hazlett


I call this my Aegean Urn, inspired by old vessels pulled from the sea. The surface has been decorated with gold leaf and enamels, and small barnacle canes were added. The vessel has been matted in acid, which has no effect on the gold. It retains its shine as a nice contrast.

Photo by Jerry Anthony


My goddess is made of amber transparent glass onto which enamels have been sifted and overfired to create an ancient appearance. Once she has been cooled in the kiln, her copper necklace is electroformed on her, the images are hand painted, and she visits the kiln once more to make the decorations permanent. She is acid etched and the necklace has been patinaed green.

Photo by Jerry Anthony

Electroformed Urn
This urn is made of ivory Effetre glass, with copper and silver leaf added.  It is matted and electroformed. Before the patina is sealed on the copper, it is removed from the edges with a miniature buffing wheel.

Photo by Jerry Anthony
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©2006Kate Fowle Meleney - All rights reserved.
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