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Japanese Double Pod
This pendant is lampworked, with the addition of enamels and glass frit. The electroformed copper skin is patinaed with liver of sulphur.
Japanese Trapezoid
This pendant is lampworked and fumed with silver. When it's cool, it has gold foil attached and fused to the surface, over which ceramic overglazes are painted. The entire piece is then electroformed in copper, which is patinaed with liver of sulphur.
This pendant is a simple interpretation of a cottage, with lampworked glass covered in an electroformed copper skin. Liver of sulphur gives the surface its rich patina.
Open Pod
From the Biotech Series, this pod shaped bead has been lampworked and fumed, then a deep deposit of enamel is fired into place, over which ceramic overglazes are painted. The final electroformed skin is patinaed with liver of sulphur.
Anthropomorph II
An addition to the Biotech Series, this pendant has been lampworked, with enamels, copper foil and gold leaf added to the surface. The copper cage is then electroformed in place and the piece is patinaed with liver of sulphur.
This lampworked pendant is the Spiral from the Biotech Series. It has an electroformed copper skin on it and measures 3 1/2".
This is my Double Pod from my new Biotech Series. I have electroformed over a lampworked and enameled base pendant. Texture around the center of the bead is achieved by attaching sand to the pendant prior to electroforming the copper skin on it.
This is the Mudcloth Spiral . After lampworking the ivory glass and fuming it with silver, it is electroformed in copper and painted with ceramic overglazes that are then heated in the kiln. The pattern is inspired by African mudcloth.

Yurt Pendants resemble dwellings. From my Biotech Series, they are both lampworked glass that have had a sprinkle of enamel added to them before electroforming the copper cages on their surfaces. Each has been put on a steel cable. Including the "tassel", they measure 4".

Garden Find - This new pendant is a blown bead, with the end inverted while hot.  It has silver and copper
leaf, and copper wire was worked to look like vines before the piece was prepared for electroforming. Once electroformed, an additional piece, part of an electroformed poppy pod, was inserted into the open end of the pod shape.

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