Sign-Up Sheet for Narragansett and Falls Church Classes

Print this sheet out, fill in the blanks, and then contact me for my mailing address or fax number. Mail the completed form, and a 50% deposit, to ensure a spot in the class of your choice. I take credit cards as well as checks.


Name ____________________________________

Address __________________________________


City  ____________________________________

State ________    Zip ______________________

Phone ___________________________________

e-mail ___________________________________


Class Date ________________________________

Amount Due _______________________________

Credit Card No. _____________________________

Expiration Date ____________________________

Signature _________________________________


Important! Deposit and Cancellation Policy

Return this form and 50% deposit to reserve a place in my class. Your balance is due 10 days prior to the first day of class. A refund of the deposit will be given if I am notified no later than 14 days prior to class.


For more information, contact me.



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